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ICF Third Sector

Grant Scheme

Where did the wheelers project begin?

Feedback from a recent community questionnaire identified older people had a lack of opportunities locally that supported their health and well being.  In consultation with Men’s Sheds who have a base at the YMCA an idea was formulated where local people could be given the opportunity to ride quality bikes that would help improve their general fitness.  After all, cycling is a low-impact, aerobic exercise that most people are able to engage in. 

Now we realise riding a bike takes some level of fitness and this can be prohibitive to many people taking part,  Sometimes you need that little bit of help!  With that in mind the  Ebike idea was born.  

We put our proposal to the Peoples Health trust and they loved the idea and gave the funding to purchase 7 state of the art electric bikes. 


Now you may be thinking what’s an ebike?


An electric bike is a bicycle with an electric system to make rides fun and more possible. Electric bikes steer, pedal, brake, shift gears, and operate all mechanical functions just like a normal bike. When the rider is ready for some help (or fun!) the pedal assist can be activated at any time to crest the hill, beat the wind, or to make it that much easier.  Electric bikes do not pedal for the rider and they don’t replace the rider's exercise. 


The simple answer is that ebikes are the next evolution in cycling. eBikes take all the practicality of a traditional bicycle and allow it to go much further with a lot more fun.  The electric assist is the next big leap into the future.


So you may be asking yourself, what is the point of an electric bike?


The Benefits

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However it’s not all about staying fit and active.  We’re looking to improve our links in the community by organising an activity that develops friendships,  supports those who may be bored, feel lonely, isolated or just want to be involved in an activity that is exciting and fun.  We’re not looking to set unrealistic fitness targets.  just ride a bike, even if it’s for only 10 or 15 minutes at a time building up fitness over a period of time. 


Alongside this we are also looking for volunteers to support the project whether that be general bike maintenance, organising activities or being involved in the day to day organisation.  


For more details and information get in touch

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