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Hirwaun YMCA Open Access Playwork provisions aims to create playful environments for children AGED 5-14years, giving them the opportunity to engage in freely chosen, and adventurous play. Each session lasts 4 hours. The projects run during school holidays.

Open Access means children are not restricted in their movements other than when related to safety matters, and can come and go from the settings as and when they choose. Playworkers do not have a responsibility to keep children on site for a specific period of time so it is up to individual parents/carers and their children to agree arrangements between themselves.

Our playworkers are passionate about play and all its benefits and work hard to create playful environments, full of possibilities, where children can play freely without unnecessary adult interruption but always safe in the knowledge that the playworkers will be on hand whenever they may need them.


Our main aim is to provide children with time, space and permission for their freely chosen and personally directed play. This means that playworkers will provide resources that inspire and extend children’s play, and will often become involved in play, but do not tend to run adult organised activities.

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