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“I really like hanging out with friends, meeting new people, visiting new places  and learning new skills.” 


—  Jordan, Youth Member


At Hirwaun YMCA we’re passionate about supporting people in our community to build healthy, happy, fulfilled and purposeful futures.

We focus on providing people a safe, supportive environment where we can help fulfil their potential, so that they can belong, contribute and thrive.


The scope of our work has changed considerably over the years, however, supporting our community -especially young people, remains firmly at the centre of what we do.



Hirwaun YMCA Youth and Community Centre was established in 1943 to provide social, physical and educational opportunities to residents of Hirwaun and the surrounding area.  With its headquarters located in the upper Cynon Valley village of Hirwaun, the organisation became a registered charity in 1967 and has been recognised as a model of good practice for local community action. In 2018 the charity changed it’s legal status to a limited company with charitable status

The YMCA operates across the Cynon Valley which has been identified as hosting some of the most deprived communities across Wales.  These communities have subsequently been included within the designated Welsh Government’s Anti-Poverty Programmes.  The YMCA have been central to the delivery of some of these programmes, more recently through the C4W Plus Programme where Hirwaun YMCA has delivered employability and youth projects on a SLA basis contributing to the local authorities’ strategic approach across the county.     

Past and current governments have recognised the valid contribution that Voluntary Sector / local groups make within their communities in providing facilities and social activities that help in building resilient communities.  


The model of delivery and financing these services implemented by Hirwaun YMCA have been based on partnership working with services developed and expanded as and when needs are identified, and associated revenue costs can be sourced.  This approach has seen a wide range of funding streams complimenting each other with a common purpose to improve the lives of residents. 


To reflect community need the board of trustees has reviewed the organisational policies, delivery and governance.  This raised some challenging questions.       

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