“I really like hanging out with friends, meeting new people, visiting new places  and learning new skills.” 


—  Jordan, Youth Member


At Hirwaun YMCA we’re passionate about supporting young people in our community to build healthy, happy, fulfilled and purposeful futures.

We focus on providing young people a safe, supportive environment where we can help fulfil their potential, so that they can belong, contribute and thrive.


The scope of our work has changed considerably over the years, however, supporting our community -especially young people, remains firmly at the centre of what we do.

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Hirwaun YMCA Youth Project is continuing its work with young people, as young people still want to connect with us and some continue to need our support. However, as a result of the government's guidelines regarding keeping safe during COVID-19, we have shifted our ‘drop in youth building-based work to the world-wide internet.

Keeping In Touch

We are promoting our work on Facebook and Instagram and chatting with young people and encouraging them to get in touch through Messenger phones calls, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, PS4 online and Zoom. We’re also sure young people will be updating us on other relevant apps where they hang out online. Working online with young people has enabled us to stay connected, continue relationship building and provide support to our young people and community through these hard times.

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Connecting with young people

Through our Facebook and Instagram pages, we have been encouraging young people to connect with us as we would in our usual work. We’ve been running fun, creative and thoughtful challenges, tasking young people to spark their creative side, connect with their friends and community, and become actively involved in supporting each other.

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Updating Information

Young people have lots of questions about COVID-19, what’s happening around the world and our government’s response. So, we have been updating our young people on news regarding COVID-19, in line with the official government guidelines, to ensure that young people are keeping themselves safe; and that they understand what the changes across the world and in the UK mean for them and their lives at the moment.

Still here and available

We are still a presence in the community with our young people through posting daily and forwarding stories to our social media accounts, encouraging young people to reflect on their experiences and feelings about isolation and to share their experiences with us. We are available to chat via phone, message, WhatsApp etc. and encourage young people to leave their telephone number with us via Facebook messenger and staff are then able to contact them for additional support for them and their families.

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